Trail Riding

1 Hour Panoramic Mountain Trek

$70.00 per person tax incl. (July & August)
$65.00 per person tax incl. (off season)

Gillis Mountain Trail Rides offers a 1 hour trek up Gillis Mountain. This trail is suitable for beginners and advanced riders. Children 10 and younger will be accompanied on foot by a guide. You will be given a lesson on basic horsemanship and riding, in the riding ring prior to departure. Already experienced riders can take this time to acquaint themselves with their mount. As you trek up the mountain, enjoy the unique breathtaking coastal and mountainous scenery. Relax through the old growth hardwood forests and breathe in the sharp scent of coniferous forest trails. Various wildlife, such as deer, moose, bald eagles and owls can be spotted, especially near the wild blueberry bushes. Trails are guided by experienced, friendly and knowledgeable wranglers who will answer any questions you may have. Reservations can sometimes be made same day but usually require a couple of days in advance for a guaranteed spot.

5 ½ Hour Beach and Forest Hack

$250.00 plus tax

The full day trail ride takes you over several mountains. Deep in the woods of Campbelton and Wheelers Mountains, you will cross streams and be enchanted by the endless forests and mountain paths. Your mount will carry you across a 90 foot high trestle bridge that crosses an ancient meandering river. Finally your horse will take you across the beautiful 4 km beach at Inverness. Here you will get the chance to gallop and swim your horse in the Northumberland Strait if you choose. The beach and forest ride is for experienced riders only. You must be able to control your mount at a walk, trot, canter and gallop for safety reasons and for the well being of the horse. Reservations should be made well in advance. Lunch is provided as well as beverages.

3 Day Mountain, Sea and Forest Adventure

Only on a horse can you experience tranquility and exhilaration all at once!

The Mountain, Sea and Forest adventure spends 3 days exploring Cape Bretons coastal and mountain range on horses.

This 3 day adventure is located and operated at Gillis Mountain Trail Rides, just 5 minutes north of the village of Inverness. We are only minutes from the world renowned golf course Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs. We are 40 minutes from the beautiful Cabot trail and central to many other activities such as kayaking, whale watching, hiking, art galleries, fishing, miles of beaches and numerous local musical venues.

During this time you will explore some extraordinary coastal roads, breathtaking beaches, mountain look offs and old forest paths created by the first settlers in Inverness county. Experience exhilarating paces, peaceful forests and wonderful horses. Over the course of 3 days riders will spend approximately 16 hours riding. The ride includes guides, horses, tack and 3 packed lunches and refreshments. This is truly a one of a kind horseback riding experience you won't soon forget!

Group size: 4-10 people; Weight limit: 230 lbs; Experienced riders only.
Price: $800 taxes included. Rides available May-June, Sept-Oct


Day 1:
Meet your horse and guides.
Coastal Cliff Ride.
4 hours of riding time.
Snacks and refreshments provided.

Day 2:
Beach and Forest Hack
6-7 hours of riding time
Packed lunch and refreshments provided

Day 3:
Forest and Mountain exploration
5 hours of saddle time.
Packed lunch and refreshments provided

Reservations are limited and need to be made in advance. Accommodation is your choice and can vary from the luxurious and expensive to the clean and simple. We will provide a list of places to stay close by and help you organize your vacation. Likewise, there is a wide variety of excellent dining experiences to choose from. Inverness County also boasts several breweries, wineries and the only single malt whiskey distillery in North America.

Pony Rides

Pony Rides

flat rate $20 for 10 minutes

Gillis Mountain Trail Rides offers pony rides to the young horse enthusiast. The ponies are led around within the safety of the riding ring. Treats for the ponies are always welcomed.

The Horses

The horses at Gillis Mountain Trail rides are considered family members and treated accordingly. There are 15 safe and healthy horses to choose from including ponies for the children, and draft crosses for larger individuals. It is always appreciated to mention if you are a larger individual when booking so that suitable horses are chosen.

What to Wear?

It is recommended that you wear long pants while horseback riding. Pants will protect your inner legs from chafing against the saddle and protect your outer legs from potential scrapes as you head out on the trails. During the spring and fall months jackets or heavier sweaters are sometimes needed.
A closed toe shoe is a must. You are not permitted to wear open toed shoes such as sandals around or on the horses. Any shoe with a bit of heel is suitable however sneakers are permissible as well. Helmets are provided free of charge and are mandatory on Gillis Mountain Trail Rides.


Reservations are required as we do not keep our horses saddled for the day. If we have a reservation, only then will horses be saddled. However, sometimes on quiet days you may be able to book with only a few hours advance notice. A credit card is needed to make a reservation. Cancellations need to be made at least 12 hours in advance. All “no shows” will be charged the full amount on the credit card.
Gillis Mountain Trail Rides follows Environment Canada Forecasts. If severe weather is being called for, we will usually cancel. On rainy days we will gladly ride, however we understand that not everyone would enjoy this experience so we will leave the decision up to the customer at no penalty.


All participants must sign a legal waiver prior to engaging in any activity on Gillis Mountain. The waiver will be given on arrival.